Sunday, May 30, 2010

Love, Happiness, and Magical Dragons

I've been wanting to write a new blog post for days now but I haven't because nothing exciting/funny/awkward/interesting happened and I couldn't think of any ideas because I fail.

But then I was like, "you know what? I'm just gonna write one anyway. And I'm just gonna post a bunch of random pictures I've taken on my phone in the past 2 days to distract everyone from the fact that I'm not actually writing about anything in this post and I'm just rambling to satiate my hunger for blogging because for some reason I've grown to kind of "like" it."

Brief recap of the last 2-3 days of my life:

1. My Maymester ended. (HAPPY FACE!)

2. I briefly/sort of/not really celebrated Maymester ending.

3. I came home to my parent's house.

One of the first things I did when I got to my parent's house was make a frozen pizza with Little Sister and then proceed to eat an entire half of that pizza.

20 minutes later, it felt like my esophagus had literally caught on fire. I was dying. What was happening to me?! It was like thousands of little fire-demons had set up shop in my throat and stomach lining and were throwing a kegger. But their keg was filled with fire. And they hated me and were trying to kill me from inside my own body.

Apparently this is called "heartburn."

I don't deal well with incurable maladies such as heartburn. I'm melodramatic and also a hypochondriac and when I couldn't locate a pill or a Tum that would immediately make the burning go away, I just got mad and felt sorry for myself.

After I had been complaining for a solid 2 hours, my Dad started taking pity on me. He also maybe just really wanted me to shut up, but either way, he went off to try to fetch something to help me out. This is what he came back with:

Yes that's Pepto Bismol. Yes it's in a wine glass. Why did he bring me the Pepto Bismol in a wine glass, you wonder?

If I had the answers to questions like that, I'd probably be famous and rich or at least not hiding out in Grad school because I couldn't get a job last year.

So I drank it down and the fire-demons evacuated my esophagus. I wasn't dying anymore. Life was good.

And then Little Sister gave birth to a goldendoodle!

And then Stella creeped really really hard!

Then Little Sister and I got bored out of our minds because America's Next Top Model ended and we decided to drive around until we found something we could both agree on to buy for dinner.

We ended up at Kyoto Express. We walked in and ordered 2 full dinner entrees to-go, and then we realized they were 10 minutes from closing. So then we felt like assholes, but at that point we were really jonesing for some Japanese and had to have it. We had to awkwardly wait it out while the workers swept the floor around us and glared as they dirtied up their just-cleaned grill with our food.

When little Japanese lady came over to give us our food bag, she muttered something in a slightly unintelligible Asian-y English hybrid but we couldn't really understand her. So we were just like, "umm can we just get a bunch of white sauces plz?" When we got home, this is what was in the bag:

EIGHT WHITE SAUCES! Is there anything more awesome? Except then we decided it was probably the Japanese lady's way of insulting us and telling us that we were fat because she was mad we dirtied up their grill 10 minutes before closing time. But the white sauce was still awesome.

Which brings me to this morning, when I woke up at 7 am to this:

Dixie wedged her way between my sleeping head and the headboard of the bed in order to achieve total pillow-domination and wake me up. Lucky for Dixie, Maymester sent my body into a skewed, off-kilter reality where it thinks it's okay to wake up at 7am on a Sunday and start writing blogs and internetting.

I'm gonna end this post with a final picture. I took this while sitting in the toilet stall of a public bathroom when I was in Asheville last weekend for a wedding. I often read toilet stall graffiti, but I don't often take pictures of it. This toilet stall graffiti was just that inspiring. I loved it.

here's to love, happiness, and the magical dragons that make it happen



  1. If there is a classier way to drink Pepto-Bismol than from a wine glass, I do not know it. LOL. Roland

    Before I became a counselor, I was a secondary education English teacher.

  2. Sounds fun!! Cute dog!!

    Btw your blog is great! I'm a follower!
    Mine is
    Hope you like it and share the love by following me too! ;)


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