Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fox news FTW.

I've got nothing but love for Fox News.

Why I like the Internet today

Here's another thing you should know about me. I am really, really, into movies. Going to them in theaters, renting them, watching a DVD I own for the 27th time, it really doesn't matter. Seriously, I used to work part-time at Blockbuster, pretty much just for fun. So as I'm procrastinating my day away on sites like (don't click this if you ever want to get anything done, ever again) and I come across little blurbs like the ones below, I want to share them. Also, I'm not creative enough to come up with cool shit like this on my own, so why not steal from the internets? That's what it's there for....right?

Movie/TV plots backwards

If Movie Posters Told the Truth I think my favorite is Angels and Demons and Tom Hanks' New Haircut

Interesting take on why they should make a 4th "Twilight" movie

Those are my 3 "thumbs ups" of the moment for the time-suck known as the internet. Now I have to go try to be a real person/student and head to the library...on a Saturday. My only consolation is that I probably live in one of the few hellhole cities in the country that did NOT get snow last night/today. Maybe the humanity I observe in the campus library will give me some new material to rail...I mean write, about. That means you, freshman "study group" 2 tables over watching YouTube videos....Later.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Allow me to introduce myself...

Alas, I have finally gotten around to starting a BLOG. I had been prodded by a select few individuals to do so, but frankly, didn't pride myself on being interesting enough to make the effort. But here I am. As my user name would suggest, I am a full time grad student, with grand aspirations of teaching high school English when I'm done, but don't worry, I'm not one of those "academics" that lives at Starbucks and enjoys the sound of my own voice. That being said, if you think your=you're, or don't know how to spell words like "definitely".....we probably won't be BFFs for long. Now I'll list for you, in a convenient numbered format, the important things about me, and we can forever move on past the boring crap that no one really cares about or wants to read:

1. For better or for worse, grad school consumes my life.

2. I drink more Diet Coke than any other human I've ever crossed paths with so far.

3. I don't have a boyfriend, husband, or children, so, while I may occasionally gush over my badass niece and nephew, this will not be one of those look-at-my-beautiful-children-and-sappy-family-pictures-all-the-time blogs. But while I'm at it, here are some pictures of my beautiful niece and nephew... :)

This is Reeve. He likes to play a game called "Sith Lords." If you're cool, you know what that is.

And this is Annemarie. She doesn't say much yet, but we all have high hopes for her.

4. I adopted a dog 2 weeks after I graduated from college. Poor Stella has since been "rehomed" because she is the weirdest F-ing animal I've ever seen. I'll tell you about her later.

5. My immediate family consists of a raucous cast of 7 characters who will inevitably provide me with ample material to write about over time. They're all a little (read: a LOT) weird and usually on the somewhat politically incorrect side of the spectrum, which makes for great conversation at the Thanksgiving table.

6. I am phobia-terrified of bugs and other creatures that should otherwise always remain OUTSIDE your home. (try staying calm when one of these is flying at you in attack-mode) (or these.......welcome to the South!)

7. Like I said, I'm in a master's program for teaching secondary level English, so I pretty much loathe poor grammar and am looking forward to instilling the fear of God into my future students until they don't completely suck at it, which I'm assuming they all will.

8. I am weirdly enthralled by Lord of the Rings and would probably have Frodo's babies if I could. Or Aragorn's...or Sam's......I also tend to get fake crushes on older studs such as George Strait or Steve Spurrier. Yes I'm aware of the 40-year age gap.

That's good enough for now. I'll elaborate on these things in the near future. If anyone is actually reading this feeble attempt at a pseudo-chronicle of my life in grad school besides, say, my family members, then I appreciate it. Hell, I appreciate the family members too! I will try to remain as far from boring as possible. Cheers!

"I may be a little crazy but it keeps me from going insane"---Waylon Jennings

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