Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Notes from the Margins...Part 1?

First, props to Lydia over at My Post-Argentine Life for partially inspiring this post with her grandiose margin doodles she shared with me in the Thomas Cooper library yesterday.

Second, I'm supposed to be devoting this entire afternoon to starting my 20 page term paper on David Copperfield. Oopsies. Fail. Instead, I've spent the last half hour flipping through the pages of my notebooks from this semester.

I have kinda sorta been scanning the pages for material upon which to create a bangin' David Copperfield thesis, but mostly I've just been amusing myself by taking pictures of the ridiculous notes I've found in the margins from various lectures of the semester since January.

Here are some of my favorites. I don't have an explanation for a lot of these, because I can't remember what prompted me to draw or write them in the first place on whatever random day of notes I found them. But don't worry, I'll just make shit up.

I think this little guy was supposed to be Yoda, but he ended up turning into more of a Gremlin.

Yeah, definitely more of a Gremlin.

My History of the English Language professor is obsessed with Tolkien. And Star Wars. and the Bible. This is a little tally I kept one day of how often he mentioned these various things. "Bible-I, LOTR-IIII, SW-I"

Looks like I'm often "paying attention" in this class. Another tally of my professor's nerdy (awesome?) references to pop culture or Jesus. "LOTR-I, Monty Python-I, Bible-I"

As showcased in my TPYMIGS posts, many of my classmates are obnoxious. And apparently, "front row girl is an idiot."

We were talking about acronyms. Or something. At any rate, hooray SCI-FI!!

I know this is tiny and almost impossible to read, but it appears to be a grocery list of sorts. My crucial grocery concerns on March 2 included "Mich Ultra, milk, merlot," in no particular order?

This must have been during the winter Olympics. I was loving me some Canada. And some maple leafs.

My Shakespeare's Tragedies professor said the character name "Goneril" approximately 600 times that day, and all I could think of was "gonorrhea." Your mind would have been in the gutter too.

"He's drinking FRESCAAA." I'm obsessed with my Shakespeare professor. It seems my love for him only grew when I discovered his affinity for Fresca.

"Last Action Hero = Hamlet" Who knew?

And finally, some extremely intellectual, academic advice...

"make shit up."

Straight from the mouth of my Victorian Lit professor. And I think I'll take her up on that. Life's more entertaining that way.

PS: Lydia, if you're reading, I would LOVE to see a post of this nature from the pages of your notebooks. I feel positive that hilarity would ensue.


  1. Oh, this is amazing. And really makes me wish I had kept my notes from undergrad. I might have to steal this idea from you and post up what's in the margins of my writing notebooks.

    And that Yoda/Gremlin-man is awesome!

  2. girl, I have been hypothesizing doing a "from the notes of Lydia" post for a bit. I'll def have to do it tonight since I'm a little bit free :) WHEEE!

  3. oh. p.s. LOVE THESE. I frequently compile grocery lists, and lately I've been writing "I hate this class" over and over in Modern Theory. Also I have Canadian flags and maple leafs in MY notes too! (Quebecois literature). I love this post.

  4. I need to give you mine to put up alongside yours so people can see the context of these conversations/random remarks. bahaha

  5. I may have to resurrect some of my undergrad/grad notebooks (yes I keep them all) so that I too might have an installment for this topic.

    And I too would be in love with a prof who drank fresca.

  6. Haha, I think everyone should make a post like this. I thoroughly amused myself. Plus, everyone's random margin doodles would be so different that it wouldn't cease to entertain, I'm sure. Resurrect away!

  7. i wish i had notebooks to look at still. i particularly liked your gremlin/yoda. i possibly literally lol'ed a little bit?! i love doodling randomly...esp in class.


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