Sunday, April 25, 2010

Notes from the Margins: Part 2

I should be writing my African American Lit final paper right now. So obviously I just sat on my floor and took some new pictures of the random shit I draw in my notebooks during class instead.

The semester is basically over. In honor of that, I'm making Notes from the Margins a serial post, a la, TPYMIGS. Or at least a post that I have more than one of. I make no guarantees about keeping it up in future semesters. Anyway, here is installment #2.

My Shakespeare class provided for a lot of good imagery in the second half of the semester. This is Macbeth's bloody dagger.

Shakespeare Prof started talking about how Venice was like Disneyland. I think it's clear where my mind wandered: to this awful rendering of Mickey Mouse.

One of my profs caused QUITE the stir the day he decided to share his opinions of people he thought were definitely gay. Frodo? Maybe. But Leo? HAIILLL no.

Can we please start using the word "splendidious" in daily conversation? Kthx. Chaucer would love it.

Heather thought this was supposed to be Dracula. I think it is very blatantly Obama and his crazy Will Smith-style ears.

Speaking of Obama, apparently his relationship with crack was called into question one day in class: Obama smokes crack?

"Regicide--Bad idea." The writing next to it that got cut off reads "This was about to look like a PHALLUS instead of a dagger."

Medusa. Nuff said.

"Massacreing wives and children= NOT GOOD." Is "massacreing" a word? Either way, the spelling is probs wrong. Whatevs.

This may or may not be one of my professor's last names in the middle of a heart.

Beware of KILLER SPERM!!!

And finally...

"Now it is time to drink." Well said, Horace.

And while I wish that now it really was time to drink, now is actually the time to go do schoolwork. Sigh.




    This professor who thinks Leo is gay clearly has some majorly broken gaydar OR, HE is attracted to Leo's manliness. Leonardo still makes me swoon. He's such a bad ass.

    Oh, and, Mickey Mouse is a-ma-zing.

  2. Hahahaha, great way to pass time. When I took lit for 2 yrs I was big on respecting the characters, LOL. Macbeth and Othello were my favourite! I did wonder very much about their sex lives though...
    I learned what an orgasm was in lit class. I think we were reading 'Wide Sargasso Sea'. LOL.

    And thank you so much for liking my blog!

  3. I like this as a recurring feature. These doodles are apparently excellent diversions, helping you avoid classwork and homework.

  4. My classes don't make me this funny/random. They just make me bored.

    I *love* this series, just so you know.


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