Friday, February 26, 2010

OMG are you two twins?!

I can't tell you how many times I've heard that question in the past 5-ish years or so. Ever since my sister got to high school, basically (which was my first year of COLLEGE, mind you), people have been asking us this.

The only question I've heard with the same regularity is "Which one of you is older?"

Um. I am. By four and a half years. And I officially kind of hate you, person who just asked me that.

"You'll appreciate this 10 years from now!" Yeah, yeah, when I'm 35 I will be glad for someone to tell me I look 4 years younger. But I'm 22, and I can't even fathom 35 right now, and I don't appreciate it. But I digress.

If I actually thought my sister and I looked like twins, I'd be a lot more cool with it. Heck, I might even be totally on board with it. People think twins are cool. I think twins are cool. I think my sister is cool, I wouldn't mind being her twin. But in my professional opinion, we don't look alike. AT. ALL. So I don't get it; it baffles me. Either there is something that she and I are just really not seeing, or most of the general public is out of their mind.

But I don't think it can JUST be that people are crazy (although people are crazy). We have family members, close friends, classmates, etc. who think we are each other's spitting images too. There's even been said to be a "Townes-nose."

This is Stephanie (left), and me (right). We're at a Hallmark convention in this picture (that blog will be coming soon). Brown hair, blonde hair. Brown eyes, blue eyes. Different face shapes. What gives??

Here we are again at said Hallmark convention. If anything, I might argue that we complement, not mirror, each other in looks.

Okay, okay. I can kiiinda see it in this one.

This is from a cruise we went on during spring break 2 years ago.

Don't get me wrong. The chick is gorgeous. I could be doing a hell of a lot worse than looking like her. I just don't see it. What do you all think?

I guess until I am 35 or halfway to dead or something, I'll just have to suck it up and keep whipping out that I.D. when I inevitably get carded trying to purchase my gas station Merlot. Cheers to that.


  1. Gotta say, I never saw it, either.

  2. You should delete my old blog & follow the new one! By the way, CAN'T wait for the Hallmark post.

  3. Done! I just swapped them out. The Hallmark post will probably take some diligent time and effort, there is just WAY. TOO. MUCH. to include for that one :)

  4. well....regardless, twins or not, you two are totally gorgeous!!!

  5. You do look similar. But maybe it's a combination of your appearance and your mannerisms? I always think people look alike when they talk in the same way or use the same gestures?


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